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A lpine's SBR-S8-4 ported subwoofer gives you the hard-hitting bass your system was missing - without taking up the valuable storage space you need. The slim box makes placement easy - it's only 6 5 /8" deep, so you can install it behind the seat in a standard-cab pickup, and in many other places in small vehicles. This enclosure is tuned by Alpine's experts to give you impressive bass with minimal power requirements. The high-quality, multi-density fiberboard (MDF) enclosure, internally braced to add stiffness and durability, perfectly matches the 8" Type-R subwoofer, guaranteeing maximum punch while maintaining a small profile. anatomy Th e of an amazing car subwoofer A guide for the bass tones A ported subwoofer enclosure allows sound from the rear of the woofer cone to travel out of the port and join the sound coming from the front, increasing loudness and enriching the tone. A reason ported subs hit so hard and deep is that the air flowing in and out of the port creates an audio effect like that made by blowing across the mouth of a bottle. That tone adds to and strengthens the note the cone plays. Massive magnets control accuracy The power to create clear and distortion-free music depends on the strength and shape of the magnetic field in the sub's motor assembly. Alpine packs each Type-R sub with a 10-piece segmented magnet made of strontium ferrite that emits a large field, while maintaining a compact profile. The shape of the pole piece focuses the magnetic field in the voice coil gap, reducing distortion. It also doubles as an air vent used in the cooling system. More cone movement means louder, deeper bass The High-Amplitude Multi-Roll surround (HAMR, patent pending) allows the cone to move much farther forward and back than a typical surround. This pushes more air, for louder, deeper bass. Its unique shape also lets Alpine put a larger cone in the standard-sized frame. Customer Review: "For rock and metal it accurately produces tight, clean bass drum with no muddling. Pop and rap sound good and the bass hits hard enough to vibrate the mirrors and your chest. Size wise, it's small enough that it doesn't take up much space. Construction is solid." -Don, San Diego, CA BY BUCK POMERANTZ 44 Have questions? Email us for answers:

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