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In our example system, we connected to a factory stereo, so we used the car's speaker wiring to send signal to the amp's speaker-level inputs. The nice thing is, we didn't have to remove the stereo from the dash. Instead, we tapped the rear speaker wires to get the amp's input signal. Finally, we set the amp's gain and tone controls so that no damaging distortion will ever play. We also set a low-pass filter to make sure only clear, beautiful bass tones play from our newly installed subwoofer. 3 CONNECT FOR SIGNAL INSTALLATION TIPS Every sub needs an amplifier to play, and the amp will need dedicated power wiring to work. The power of the amplifier needed is dictated by the sub's specs. The 300 watts RMS sub we chose, which conveniently has 2-ohm impedance (see tip at right), will work great with an amp that can put out 300 watts RMS into 2 ohms, like the CX Series we picked below. Actually, any size amp between 75% and 150% of that 300-watt target will work, but the exact match is okay too. The amp's specs determine the power wire size necessary for proper performance. For guidance, see our handy chart at 2 MATCH THE POWER Kicker 43CXA300.1 mono amplifier, 300 watts RMS at 2 ohms #206CXA3001 $149.99 Kicker PK8 8-gauge amplifier wiring kit #206PK8 $69.99 Kicker 43CXARC remote bass level control #206CXARC $24.99 We put together some other bass packages of matching components, so you won't have to do the math. Check them out at ! ENJOY THE BUMP Use CrutchReld's Amp Installation Guide For many, the most challenging part of any amp installation is running the power wire from the battery in the engine compartment to the place in the car where the amp will be. Our illustrated guide will show you the basics - visit to learn all about it. And if you buy any of your gear from Crutchfield, you'll also receive free lifetime tech support for help with your installation and setup. Handy connectors Posi-Products wire connectors make reliable, hand-tightened connections without soldering or crimping necessary. For this installation, we'd use Posi-Taps, attached to the rear speaker wires, to send signal to the amp, and Posi-Twists to connect the RCA adapter the Kicker amp needs. Posi-Tap connectors for 10- to 22-gauge wires #669PP607 $8.99 Posi-Twist wire connectors for 14- to 24-gauge wires #669PP609 $8.99 Posi-Tap Kicker KISL 2-channel speaker wire to RCA adapter #206KiSL $12.99 Stinger PRO 14-gauge speaker wire #541SPW514B $0.65 per foot Buck always runs to the window to see what vehicle it is when he hears a sub bumping by. Ohms for beginners A subwoofer has impedance, measured in ohms, which represents the natural resistance it has to the amp's output. If you plan on running just one subwoofer, choose a single voice coil (SVC) 2-ohm or a dual voice coil (DVC) 4-ohm model wired as a 2-ohm impedance load. Subwoofer amplifiers often perform their best when connected to a 2-ohm sub. For more information go to Single voice coil subwoofer in a 2-ohm setup 45

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