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I 've designed and set up more than a few home theaters in my time here at Crutchfield, and there's one thing I've learned: it's hard to beat the thrill of having your very own "movie theater" at home - just ask anybody who has one. But you don't have to jump into a full-blown surround sound system all at once. You can do it in smaller, more budget-friendly stages. I'll show you how. Start with stereo, then add on The best way to start is with a solid two-channel system. It will offer a massive improvement over your TV speakers. Plus, it's fantastic for music listening. Later on, you can add the other components to complete your 5.1-channel home theater system. Read on to discover what you need and check out some recommended gear. BRING THEATER SOUND HOME BY DAVID BAR Our expert tells you how - one stage at a time 46 Chat live with one of our experts

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