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BY DAVID DELAMERE A sound system fit for a Fit A DIY PROJECT THAT PROVIDED NEEDED RESEARCH A lex, a web designer for CrutchReld, wasn't overly fond of the factory audio system in her 2015 Honda Fit. Stephen, one of our mobile electronics buyers, decided that we'd help her out so that she could help us out. We had some information on this Fit, but we hadn't released MasterSheet instructions for it, nor had we tested a speciRc wiring harness that we hoped would retain the factory functions that Alex (and many of our customers) wanted. We decided to guide her through the installation in order to use her vehicle for some research. Fed up with the factory radio While talking with Alex, it didn't take long to determine why she was very over her Honda's factory system. "One of the biggest issues for me was the factory radio's volume adjustment. It's a touch slider that's not very responsive. I've seen complaints about it from other Fit owners in online Honda forums. So I needed a big ol' knob on my new radio. I also wanted to keep my factory backup camera." Even though it was her Rrst installation, Alex went after it like a pro. With the technical advice she received from CrutchReld, she quickly gained access to the factory radio and speakers. 46 60-day return policy. See

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