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Alex was adamant about retaining some of the functionality she had with the stock system, such as Bluetooth for hands-free calling, a USB port for phone charging, and the ability to use her steering wheel controls to work with her radio. The Clarion VX405 DVD receiver delivered all that, as well as the big ol' volume knob, so she could crank her tunes up. Initially, Alex thought she might lose some of the Honda features she actually liked, such as the USB port, and the rear- and side-view cameras. She wasn't too worried about the factory HDMI and aux inputs, since she didn't use them, but even still, it looked like they'd be rendered useless as well. However, the Clarion stereo, the Axxess steering wheel adapter, and the wiring interface she used (see next page) let Alex keep or replace most of the features she wanted. Clarion VX405 DVD receiver #020VX405 $399.99 Metra dash kit for the '15 Honda Fit #120957883H $24.99* Axxess ASWC-1 steering wheel control adapter #120ASWC1 $59.99* Axxess HDCC-02 wiring interface #120HDCC02 $99.99* Metra did a great job with their dash kit for the Honda Fit. It seamlessly integrates the look of the new Clarion receiver with the factory dash. A RADIO THAT FILLED ALEX'S REQUIREMENTS When in doubt, talk to an expert Shortly after completing the installation, I discovered that our database team was putting the finishing touches on a set of ResearchNotes for receiver and speaker installation in the 2015 Honda Fit using some of the research that Alex helped provide us. The more in-depth MasterSheet instructions will be following fairly soon. Since we didn't have any instructions to distribute at the time of the installation, Alex had to rely on our tech support crew for direction. Thankfully, they did have a lot of research done on this Fit, and were able to give Alex guidance she needed to get the old gear out and her new gear in - just like any of our tech support specialists would for customers with vehicles we've researched. Go to to see which stereos Rt your car. G GETTING RID OF THE FACTORY RADIO "Removing the old radio was fairly easy. Knowing which panels to remove and where the screws are located definitely helped." - Alex With the two screws removed, Alex unplugged the various wiring harnesses and pulled the radio out. Alex proceeded to the trim around her dash gauge cluster. She had to remove it to get at some of the panels closer to the radio. She removed the top vent console, which revealed the screws securing the radio to the vehicle's frame. Alex used a Bojo panel tool (see them at to free up the panels around the radio, so she could access the radio screws. Start The Rrst steps After Before Deane, CrutchReld Tech Support Specialist *Get a package discount on installation gear when you buy a new stereo from CrutchReld Save big on installation gear We offer stereo wiring harnesses and vehicle-specific mounting kits, if available, at deep discounts when you buy a new car stereo from us. See

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