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THE PROCESS OF INSTALLING THE NEW RADIO I definitely needed some assistance when wiring the steering wheel interface and the harness that retained my factory cameras, due to the mass of wiring. But other than that, it was fairly easy to figure out the wiring connections using the instructions I was given." - Alex The sleek dash kit from Metra included two holes for the Honda's airbag indicator and hazard light switch, which snapped easily into place. This let the new radio blend into the factory dash. With the necessary wiring connections complete, Alex plugged it all into the factory harnesses. The dash kit included side brackets, which Alex screwed into the chassis of the Clarion radio. The brackets then screwed into the dash cavity's substructure to secure the radio. After connecting the USB and Bluetooth microphone cables, Alex was ready to secure the radio in the dash and complete a sound check. Using some handy Posi connectors (see, Alex secured the wiring harness adapter to the radio's wiring harness. Start Alex used a Wire Worm ($12.99, to Rsh the USB cable to the center console, where she likes to charge up her phone. After a successful sound check, Alex reversed the radio removal process and reinstalled all of the panels around the Clarion radio. How Alex helped us with a wiring solution As we researched Alexs Honda Fit, we found it strange that there was only one wiring solution, which would not retain her factory rear- and side-view cameras or the aux input in her center console. Other 2015 Hondas, like the Civic, work with the HDCC-02 interface made by Axxess, which retains these features and oers a direct plug-in for the widely used ASWC-1 steering wheel control interface. With the assistance of Joel, our Tech Support Supervisor, Alex successfully tested the Axxess interface in her Fit. We can now happily add this interface as an option for other Fit owners who want to replace their factory radios. Axxess HDCC-02 interface #120HDCC02 $99.99 While the Axxess interface looks like a scary pile of wires, many of the harnesses simply connect to the Honda's factory plugs. STANDARD HARNESS AXXESS HDCC-02 WIRING INTERFACE Alex wired and mounted her new radio 48 Free lifetime tech support on everything you buy from us. See

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