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FINALIZING HER SOUND UPGRADE Once the panels were off, I removed one screw and the speakers were out. The brackets for my Honda fit perfectly in the openings. I got some advice on how to mount and connect the crossovers and tweeters. You can't even see I have new speakers, but you can definitely hear them." - Alex Panel tools gave Alex the leverage she needed to pop the four door panels o to access and remove the factory speakers. Using a small screwdriver and a panel tool, the factory tweeter grilles popped out of the dash. Alex used the Wire Worm once again to run speaker wire from the tweeter location to the inside of the front doors, where she mounted the crossovers. With the factory tweeters removed, Alex used simple wire ties to mount the tweeters from the Sound Ordnance system to the factory grilles. In the rear doors, Alex plugged in the wiring harness adapters we supplied with the speakers. Alex connected the speaker wires to the crossover, so the appropriate frequencies would go to the woofers and tweeters. Using brackets speciRcally made for the Honda, she mounted the Sound Ordnance speakers in the doors. NEW SPEAKERS COMPLETED THE SOUND Alex really wanted to hear the difference the new car receiver could make. Replacing inadequate factory speakers with well-made aftermarket speakers from Sound Ordnance brought out the system's overall detail and helped show off her new sound. Sound Ordnance P-67CB 6" component speakers #777P67CB $69.99 Sound Ordnance P-67B 6" 2-way speakers #777P67B $49.99 It sounds awesome. Now I not only hear the music, I feel it, too!" Alex, CrutchReld Web Designer Alex installed new speakers all around Find out more about Alex's installation at David Delamere has been helping rehabilitate vehicle sound for two decades. Because of Alexs willingness to take part in this article, she received her system courtesy of CrutchReld and Clarion. Metra wiring harness #120727800 $9.99 American International mounting brackets #003HSB524 $12.99 FREE with any speaker purchase 49

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