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Getting more from your system Add a new dimension to home theater with Dolby Atmos Dolby's latest surround sound technology was designed to bring a new level of immersion to your home theater. By employing in-ceiling speakers or special Atmos enabled upward-firing speakers that reflect sound off your ceiling, Dolby Atmos offers sound that's more spacious and three-dimensional. The Onkyo TX-NR737 shown on page 47 lets you add two overhead or up-firing speakers (sometimes called "height" or "top" speakers) to a conventional five-channel system - this is referred to as a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup. Back surround speakers offer another option for more immersive sound Another way to enhance a conventional 5.1-channel surround system is with a pair of back surround speakers. Placed behind you, these speakers help create a surprisingly greater sense of ambience and completeness to your surround sound effects. Wall-mounted bookshelf speakers from the same brand make great back surrounds. But in-wall or in-ceiling models also work and save space in your room. Crave bass? Get that sub A powered subwoofer offers bass you can feel and hear Nothing adds realism and impact to your movies like the deep bass that comes from a powered subwoofer. From explosions and earthquakes to the rumble of a speeding locomotive or the "thwack" of a well-recorded kick drum, a powered sub will bring them all to life in your listening room. A powered sub not only enhances your system's performance on movie and video game soundtracks, but it can also enrich your music listening - rounding out the bottom end for everything from jazz to rock to hip-hop. Since the Definitive Technology towers I've chosen for our sample system include built-in powered subwoofers, you won't need a separate sub for this specific system. But unlike these Definitive speakers, most floor-standing and bookshelf speakers can't deliver the lowest frequencies needed for true full-range home theater sound. For those speakers, you'll want to add an external powered subwoofer. I love seeing someone's eyes light up the first time they hear how a subwoofer can transform the sound in the TV room by filling in those missing sound effects and bass rumble. David Bar is a lifelong gearhead who writes about home audio/video equipment and obsesses over sound quality. Free tech support for life Need help with your gear? You can call us for guidance - whether it's the day you receive your order or 10 years later. See Once you've put together a complete 5.1-channel surround system, is there any room left for improvement? You bet! Here are two options I highly recommend that can add even more thrills to your home theater experience. Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000 compact powered subwoofer The SuperCube 2000 contains a 7-1/2" woofer pressure-coupled to two 7-1/2" passive radiators. It's powered by a built-in 650- watt amplifier that really shows off this little sub's tight, accurate bass response. #735SC2000 $599 See all of our powered subs at 49

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