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5 "With detailed sound and real presence, these speakers are truly worthy of the KEF name." - Ralph, CrutchReld Home A/V writer 4 KEF sound in the round We're thrilled to welcome KEF to the Crutchfield family. They really know audio, and their EGG wireless music system shows they know design, too. These compact speakers are at home on a desktop, tabletop, or bookshelf. They have Bluetooth for wireless streaming from smartphones. Wired analog and digital inputs let you connect anything from a computer to a TV. The built-in digital-to-analog converter is high-res compatible. Available in blue (shown), black, and white. KEF EGG Wireless Digital Music System #991EGGBL $499.99 Learn more at 5 Feature-packed camera with 40X zoom Sure, everyone's phone has a camera. But you need a real camera for those special trips and once-in-a-lifetime moments. The Nikon Coolpix B500 is the perfect choice for folks looking for something simple and powerful. Its 40X optical zoom gets you WAY closer than your phone ever could - and with outstanding picture quality. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make it easy to quickly transfer photos to your smartphone for instant sharing. You can also capture 1080p HD video. Get it in red or black. Nikon Coolpix B500 16-megapixel camera #05426506 $299.95 Get the details at 6 4K drone with "auto-pilot" Drones keep getting smarter and easier to fly. The Typhoon H with Intel has RealSense technology to "see" what's in front of it. It lets you fly it hands-free while you run, drive, bike, or paddle in controlled situations. The included 4K camera with gimbal mount can track a moving subject with impressive speed and maneuverability. The controller offers a built-in touchscreen for live views. Flight time: up to 25 min. Flight speed: up to 43.5 mph. Yuneec Typhoon H aerial drone with 4K camera, controller, and backpack # 9596026088 $1899 Learn more at 6 5

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