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B efore we ever listened to ELAC's value-packed lineup of speakers, we'd heard rumblings - excellent sound, low prices, expert designed. Professional reviewers were comparing them with speakers that cost twice the price. We wondered if they would really live up to the hype. Well...they do. ELAC has sold high-end speakers in Europe for years, but they were relatively unknown in the U.S. - until they produced budget-friendly speakers with excellent sound. The Debut series has been a huge hit with our customers. Now, the Uni-Fi lineup is wowing customers as well as folks in our Virginia headquarters. A new top speaker pick When ELAC came to show off the new Uni-Fi line, they brought along their chief speaker designer, Andrew Jones - a legend in the business. He walked us through the ins and outs of the speakers. We were impressed with the design, and blown away by their sound. The UB5 bookshelf speakers sounded exquisite. Gorgeously smooth, with refined highs, natural midrange, and plump bass response, these speakers never sounded loose or out of control. They're also the kind of speakers you could listen to for hours without ever getting "ear fatigue." For many of us, that's the mark of a truly excellent pair of speakers - and one reason our advisors are recom mending these to lots of customers. Design serves the music Designer Andrew Jones told us that his mission was to create the best- sounding speakers possible that were affordable for most any consumer. The result is the Uni-Fi's three-way design, with dedicated drivers for high, mid, and low frequencies. BANG FOR THE BUCK ELAC SPEAKERS OFFER INCREDIBLE VALUE Product Spotlight: ELAC Uni-Fi speakers 50 Have questions? Email us for answers:

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