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The key to making these drivers work together to make beautiful music is the sophisticated crossover. It directs each sound to the proper driver, which puts every instrument in its proper place. We don't know how Jones did it, but this crossover network results in exceptionally smooth, natural, cohesive sound. A full surround system The tower or bookshelf models make great stereo speakers. For a full surround system, add the matching center channel and powered subwoofer. And the UB5 bookshelves make great rear speakers. They even offer add-on height speakers for Dolby Atmos . ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 floor-standing speaker #970UF5 $499.99 each ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 bookshelf speakers #970UB5 $499.99 pair ELAC Uni-Fi UC5 center channel speaker #970UC5 (not shown) $349.99 each Smart sub setup with an app Dialing in your subwoofer's performance has never been this easy. ELAC has a free app that uses your smartphone's microphone and 12-band EQ to automatically calibrate their Debut subs over Bluetooth . You can also tweak the sound manually with the app. The app is required for control of the sub. ELAC Debut S10EQ 10" powered subwoofer (shown) #970S10EQ $499.99 ELAC Debut S12EQ 12" powered subwoofer #970S12EQ $699.99 See our full selection of ELAC speakers at ELACs free SUB Control app lets you automatically calibrate your ELAC subwoofer using your smartphones microphone. At this price, the Uni-Fi bookshelf speakers have no right to sound this good." David, CrutchReld Home A/V Editor ELACs Uni-Fi cabinets are sturdy and oer strong internal bracing. This reduces the kinds of vibrations that lead to distortion. Based on how clean these speakers sound, the cabinets are doing their job well. The Uni-Fis concentric driver takes a 1" soft-dome tweeter and places it within the voice coil of a 4" aluminum midrange driver. This design ensures Sat frequency response and ensures these speakers can handle plenty of power. 51

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