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A R C H I V E S Seriously into audio since 1974 sm + Honda Civics Fall catalog 1979 MasterSheet 1995 For 40 years we've been helping just about anyone with access to a screwdriver improve the sound in their car. And to make DIY car audio as straightforward as it can be, we've had to get familiar with a lot of vehicles. The Honda Civic is one of our favorites. It's been getting folks on the road affordably for about as long as we've been demystifying car audio installation. In the late '70s we began profiling vehicles and their aftermarket overhauls in our catalog. This 1978 Civic CVCC was souped up with a Pioneer cassette deck, amplifier, and front speakers. We created the MasterSheet to take some headache out of installation. In the mid '90s, the upgrade- friendly Civic was very popular. Research file 1988 This issue 2015 The Civic surged in popularity through the '80s, and to ensure we had answers for those new Honda owners' questions, we got hands-on with as many models as we could. The Honda Civic has become our first ever social media-driven installation (see pg. 38), and we're looking forward to more audio upgrades as this classic evolves.

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