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Face to face with Sony's new 4K TVs We get to see cutting- edge TVs on a regular basis, so it takes something special to impress us. When Sony recently visited Crutchfield to show us their latest 4K XBR TVs, everyone who saw the demo walked away impressed. What made these 4K TVs different? It basically came down to three main features: a faster processor, a new Android- based operating system, and a startlingly thin design. Steve Kindig is a longtime audio/video nerd. His 10-year-old Sony XBR HDTV just can't hang with these new 4K models. Color Clarity Contrast C t t 1. The models we saw: Sony XBR X850C 4K Ultra HD TVs In Sony's latest 4K XBR lineup, the X850C models offer exceptional bang for the buck. In addition to advanced picture technology, these TVs can stream 4K content from Netflix and Amazon, and they make smart TV features fast and easy to use with built-in Android TV. 55" #15855X850C $1599.99 65" #15865X850C $2599.99 Sony XBR X900C 4K Ultra HD TVs The X900C series is virtually identical to the X850C when it comes to picture quality. The X900C's claim to fame is its ultra-thin design. A special wall-mount bracket is included that lets the TV hang snug against your wall. 55" #15855X900C $2499.99 65" #15865X900C $3499.99 See more models at BY STEVE KINDIG Th ree times as fast Because true 4K content is still in short supply, a 4K TV's video processor must upconvert most of what we watch so it matches the screen's resolution - and the processor's speed is a big factor in picture quality. That's why Sony's powerful X1 video processor is 3X faster than last year's chip - to ensure all that upconverted content gets the 4K treatment: lifelike crispness, color and contrast. 8 Call us for one-on-one help 1-800-217-1059

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