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BLUETOOTH IN THE CAR Page 16 PORTABLE SPEAKERS Page 10 MULTI - ROOM AUDIO Pages 14 and 22 WIRELESS HEADPHONES Page 20 BACKUP CAMERAS Page 24 HOME SPEAKERS Page 12 HIGHLIGHTS well , this got big fast Wireless technology is one of the most explosive trends we've ever seen - the smartphone has truly changed how we live. For our customers, it started with simple hands-free calling in the car and quickly spread to music streaming and much more. Wires are now starting to feel so five years ago. Ready to join the movement? We've filled the next 17 pages with cool wireless gear, pro tips on how to use it, and first-person accounts from our people, who are card-carrying members of the wireless revolution. Also, visit to see just how big your wireless world can get. j uan - Crutchfield programmer A WIRELESS LIFE I use wireless tech every day, from logging stats while cycling to listening to music on wireless headphones. Look for more examples of how CrutchReld folks have joined the wireless revolution in this section. WIRELESS JOIN THE REVOLUT ON

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